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Free lessons are free. Yay! But just because they're free doesn't mean they aren't valuable. These lessons feature my own tried-and-true, tested-to-perfection recipes (just like my courses).

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Gluten-free pancakes
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Buttermilk Pancakes
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Hot Water Gingerbread

Looking for a show-stopping holiday dessert that's both effortless and extraordinary?

This hot water gingerbread is a family recipe that I converted to gluten-free. I’ve found myself making it over and over again during the past few holiday seasons.

Hot water gingerbread is a super moist and flavourful gingerbread cake, best served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream and homemade salted caramel. If there’s one dessert that tastes like Christmas to me, it’s this one!

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Buttermilk Pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes? They’re a timeless breakfast—and brunch, and lunch, and dinner—staple in our house.

Whether you're a fan of the classic combo of butter and maple syrup, prefer a luscious berry compote with dollops of fresh whipped cream, or even get creative with dino-shaped pancakes, there's something for everyone.

The best thing about this recipe: you won't need to make a regular batch and a gluten-free batch of pancakes anymore, because no one will know they’re gluten-free!

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Morning Glory Muffins

In my opinion, the perfect muffin is healthy, hearty, and (most importantly) scrumptious! That's why morning glory muffins are one of my favourites. Loaded with carrots, apples, raisins, and nuts, these muffins are the perfect way to start the day!

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Banana Bread

Banana bread has always been one of my baking staples. After my celiac diagnosis, I tried to make it gluten-free, and suddenly all of my banana bread loaves were disappointing. Every gluten-free all-purpose blend I tried created dry, crumbly, or gummy results.

So I set out to create a super flavourful, moist, and versatile gluten-free banana bread recipe. This one is a winner!

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Pumpkin Scones

These pumpkin scones are the perfect fall treat! They're soft, buttery, and will satisfy all your pumpkin spice cravings.

Topped with a creamy maple glaze, they're as delicious as they are GOURD-geous. (See what I did there?)

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