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Colton C.

has to say...

I loved the breakdown of what flours to use in what recipes and why. I also loved the recipes. I've always wanted to find a GF bread that I actually enjoyed (this is the recipe I use the most - about once a week). It saves me so much money, and the taste/texture is everything I've been looking for.

[I] asked Robyn directly for help creating a GF carrot cake. She got back to me right away and helped me find a recipe using a blend of flours I learned about in the course. The carrot cake was a hit and the entire family loved it.

I haven't worked my way through the entire course yet, but I have made the French bread at least once a week since becoming a member. The cookies are also a hit in my house. I use the recipe but substitute chocolate chips for broken up flavoured dark chocolate bars. I LOVE that through this course Robyn has given me the skills I need to start creating other GF recipes. This course has been a game changer for me.

ALSO, I live with a normal human being who loves gluten - but somehow the GF bread and cookies keep disappearing...

Colton C.

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