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Topher G.

has to say...

I have learned so much from the Essentials course. I had to give up gluten for health reasons and thought my world had ended (I have a big sweet tooth and am crazy for baked goods). I tried gluten free bread from Loblaws and was really unhappy with the taste. I also tried from a gluten free bakery and was surprised at how small the loaf was but also how expensive it was.

Tried this course on a whim (thanks facebook) and was pleasantly surprised.

Robyn is a great teacher, really funny and personable. The course is well laid out and the videos are very professional. Recipes are great. My favourite so far is the pizza crust! It's awesome to have regular crust again.

Would definitely recommend! I've baked a bit in the past but think this would be great for beginners, too... it's very detailed.

Topher G.

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