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I loved the breakdown of what flours to use in what recipes and why. I also loved the recipes. I've always wanted to find a GF bread that I actually enjoyed (this is the recipe I use the most - about once a week). It saves me so much money, and the taste/texture is everything I've been looking for.

I LOVE that through this course Robyn has given me the skills I need to start creating other GF recipes. This course has been a game changer for me.

ALSO, I live with a normal human being who loves gluten - but somehow the GF bread and cookies keep disappearing...

Colton C.
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I have learned so much from the Essentials course. I had to give up gluten for health reasons and thought my world had ended (I have a big sweet tooth and am crazy for baked goods)... Tried this course on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.

Robyn is a great teacher, really funny and personable. The course is well laid out and the videos are very professional. Recipes are great. My favourite so far is the pizza crust!

Would definitely recommend!

Topher G.
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I found the step by step instructions easy to follow. I liked the explanations given as to why certain ingredients such as the various types of flour were used in each recipe.

Robyn's [shortbread] recipe is a “melt in your mouth delight”. [Her] French bread... is as close as you can get to French bread with gluten.

I have tried all of Robyn's recipes from the two courses except for two. They were all exceptional.

Janet S.
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I highly recommend these courses! I love all of the recipes in the courses and don’t even need to eat gluten-free. I’ve recently had to start baking gluten-free for my husband, who was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Since I’ve stopped using all-purpose flour blends and started using the methods used in this course, I have gotten much better results. I am so happy that I can buy the ingredients at Bulk Barn, which saves a lot of money.  

The video instruction is also so well presented and even as an experienced baker I learned lots of new helpful tips!

Mary H.
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[I loved] the clear, concise information with regards to ingredients and actual follow along instructions. Then following with written instructions is awesome. I really enjoyed the pace at which the instructions were given.

Beverley S.
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