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Ellen C.

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I have always been a “from scratch” kind of baker. After my celiac diagnosis I got frustrated trying to learn how to bake gluten free as there were so many flours and starches to figure out. I gave up and for a few years bought expensive loaves of bread and boxed cake mixes.

One day while browsing on the Canadian Celiac Association’s instagram feed I came across Robyn’s Gluten Free Baking Course and signed up for her Essentials Course. Every recipe is filmed so you can visually see how it is made and Robyn breaks down the recipe ingredients, explaining what the different flours and starches do.

I have since taken her Bread and Holidays courses and these courses have changed my life. Now I can bake all my gluten free breads, cakes, buns, etc from scratch and most of the time people don’t know they are eating gluten free. My heart is happy again.

Ellen C.

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