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Why I Use Robyn Harrison’s online Gluten Free Baking Courses Exclusively

I have been 100% gluten free for 16 years after, finally, a doctor recommended I try a gluten free diet to attempt relief from severe, constant headaches and bouts of stomach pain that plagued me since childhood. I followed up with allergy tests only to find that I have an allergy to gluten without a celiac diagnosis. I also have an autoimmune disease which doctors have determined can contribute to a celiac type of reaction to gluten. It was a no-brainer for me to give up my years of baking my own bread, cinnamon rolls, cakes and cookies. Baking WAS my love.

Sixteen years ago, the gluten free products available were scarce. Eating out was not easy. Some experts started to produce articles that determined the gluten free concept was a craze or a fad. People whom I associated with for years would roll their eyes if I said I couldn’t eat what was being served. Knowing I was GF, people would invite me to event parties and everything on the food table was abundant with gluten. If I didn’t BMOF, I couldn’t eat. I am sure that you know exactly what I am saying. I was drawn to GF cookbooks. I even had a copy of GF for Dummies. I bought all the most attractive cookbooks with color pictures of beautiful GF baked goods, pie crusts that looked like they were not GF at all, dark brown, crusty peasant loaf breads, cookies, cakes, you name it. I tried and tried and wasted so much money and threw out so many attempts at all the above. When I did end up with something edible, it was edible to me but not anyone else. I had guests over and made GF dinner rolls, which I thought were okay, but the guests said they had “never eaten bread like that” and they didn’t mean it as a compliment.

My life changed when my husband bought me two of Robyn’s courses for Christmas in 2021. He always surprises me with what he can find on the net. I jumped right in and started with the “French Bread” in the Essential course. It took time for me to watch the video, measure out everything with my little scale but, WOW! The results were a game changer. Now, this is my “go to” bread recipe and I can whip it up in no time. I’ve baked every recipe in the Essentials course, almost all the recipes in the Bread course and I have made several recipes in the Holiday course. I have made all three recipes in the “free” course, and I used Robyn’s notes on how to create the sourdough starter, and my sourdough is in the fridge as I write this and my homemade sourdough dinner rolls (using the French bread recipe with my own modifications for rolls) are on my kitchen counter.

I now have a reputation in my circle for making baked goods that everyone can eat and love. Three more GF people live in my neighborhood, and I love sharing a few chocolate chip cookies, a fresh pizza right out of the oven, a loaf of bread or a slice of cake that is fool proof, fabulous tasting and cherished by the recipients. If it weren’t for Robyn’s online recipes, support group, baking hints and GF community, I would not be able to be who I truly am. A baker at heart, a person who loves to share with others and someone who appreciates wonderfully baked goods. Robyn made this happen for me.

Thank you, Robyn. Your website is life changing.

Susan M.

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