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Janet S.

has to say...

I found the step by step instructions easy to follow. I liked the explanations given as to why certain ingredients such as the various types of flour were used in each recipe. The various types of flours blend so well together. 

I have had gluten free shortbread cookies before with rice flour that turned out tough to chew. Robyn's recipe is a "melt in your mouth delight". I also had gluten free bread that my friend bought at a bakery that was too moist, heavy and chewy. Robyn's French bread, on the other hand, is as close as you can get to French bread with gluten.

I have tried all of Robyn's recipes from the two courses except for two. They were all exceptional. I consider myself to have good basic knowledge of cooking due to attending over 10 years of cooking classes. I appreciated her method of presentation, especially her humor, throughout all her videos. I look forward to sampling any new recipes that Robyn develops.

Janet S.

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